02 November 2011

blue label !

see i said i will be back, i no bluff u rite?!

here i am, im sorry la guys, pangsai pun no time eh, like i said in fb, pangsai also need estimate time, cannot overtime de. so envy those ppl in movie can read papers la magazine la play psp la play angry bird la when they sitting on the 'seat' in toilet.

i was away too long till i pun forgot how to blog d eh aiks so i guess i'll now start with sth i recently minat. I noh, for ur info, recently noh i terminat find n collect some limited edition's stuff eh, which in specifically is Johnnie Walker's product la haha !

so err, ok la i start with normal de blue label seng. blue label is the highest ranking whisky among Johnnie Walker's product eh, smooth smooth till like itu silk ane i tell u sekali u minum.
sorry nah ini i drink half d, now at my kampung Kelantan hahaha !

so i actually minat blue label because very nice to drink,but of coz la a LIL bit expensive la compare to others normal de whisky, is like Proton n Porsche ane ma noh u understand de la noh

so story start when i was in SG airport, i was on duty to itu singa land, n i go kai kai at dutyfree shop bah, u know la, alcohol ghost come come go go also is go into places sell minuman nia haha !

so i saw this two :
(a) Johnnie Walker Blue Label's Greg Norman Limited Edition.
this product kinda kek si la, only 20,000 bottles nia, in market for sales. ( unless itu sales person n de internet all also big canon la). for ur info, Greg Norman is a legend golfer, i actually dunno who is tat eh , sorry nah Mr. Norman haha ! I just attracted to the bottle nia, although it looks normal, but it is quite special. nah u see urself !so i tell u hor, my bottle is number ke-761 eh ! nah nah got photo as proof de, i no tipu de nah
boleh nampak??? no big canon le me ahah !
but then hor, itu sigui promoter pun si clever, see out im alcohol ghost eh, kai siao me lagi 1 more LAGI PRECIOUS de blue label, which is :
(b) Johnnie Walker Blue Label King George V Limited Edition

i tell u, this 1 lagi lansi, got birthcert de eh, whole world also dunno how many bottles nia la for sales, n itu price is like 97267439858712348 ane !!! kata itu orang hor, this 1 is i also dunno wat d lah yiuh, u wan know u kaki go search google la noh, now canggih liao everyone know how to google eh !

so, i after consider for 3 min, jalan berulang-alik for 1 min, i decided to buy (a) la cheaper geh haha ! however, i tell u nah, i actually now both also got d, pasal got fren bought itu KGV for me eh, present nuh, u know present? meaning hadiah, gift, 礼物.

i tell u i 2 nite cannot slp eh hahahahahaha slp also will laugh in dreams ! only i din hug the blue label to slp nia.. so now i show show u a bit itu KGV, aiseh !
this is itu KGV inside lo, aiseh u see got 1 cert above the bottle 1

jeng jeng this is the cert !!!! si unimas duwan give me cert nvm lo, KGV give eh haha !
then i got 1 small mini size de lui, only 200ml nia haha very cute de lo, itu packing is same la like normal just tat its' in mini size ! n sorry i no photo n i lazy to take photo to upload eh deh !

so hor, if my mom read my blog noh, i gaso she will cekik die me hahah, tapi mom i tell u seng la, only the 1st nia i bought de, the KGV n the mini blue label is present eh from my kawan hehe !

so ok la, warm up finish, wait for my next post bah u ppl.

adios amigo !


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