02 November 2011

blue label !

see i said i will be back, i no bluff u rite?!

here i am, im sorry la guys, pangsai pun no time eh, like i said in fb, pangsai also need estimate time, cannot overtime de. so envy those ppl in movie can read papers la magazine la play psp la play angry bird la when they sitting on the 'seat' in toilet.

i was away too long till i pun forgot how to blog d eh aiks so i guess i'll now start with sth i recently minat. I noh, for ur info, recently noh i terminat find n collect some limited edition's stuff eh, which in specifically is Johnnie Walker's product la haha !

so err, ok la i start with normal de blue label seng. blue label is the highest ranking whisky among Johnnie Walker's product eh, smooth smooth till like itu silk ane i tell u sekali u minum.
sorry nah ini i drink half d, now at my kampung Kelantan hahaha !

so i actually minat blue label because very nice to drink,but of coz la a LIL bit expensive la compare to others normal de whisky, is like Proton n Porsche ane ma noh u understand de la noh

so story start when i was in SG airport, i was on duty to itu singa land, n i go kai kai at dutyfree shop bah, u know la, alcohol ghost come come go go also is go into places sell minuman nia haha !

so i saw this two :
(a) Johnnie Walker Blue Label's Greg Norman Limited Edition.
this product kinda kek si la, only 20,000 bottles nia, in market for sales. ( unless itu sales person n de internet all also big canon la). for ur info, Greg Norman is a legend golfer, i actually dunno who is tat eh , sorry nah Mr. Norman haha ! I just attracted to the bottle nia, although it looks normal, but it is quite special. nah u see urself !so i tell u hor, my bottle is number ke-761 eh ! nah nah got photo as proof de, i no tipu de nah
boleh nampak??? no big canon le me ahah !
but then hor, itu sigui promoter pun si clever, see out im alcohol ghost eh, kai siao me lagi 1 more LAGI PRECIOUS de blue label, which is :
(b) Johnnie Walker Blue Label King George V Limited Edition

i tell u, this 1 lagi lansi, got birthcert de eh, whole world also dunno how many bottles nia la for sales, n itu price is like 97267439858712348 ane !!! kata itu orang hor, this 1 is i also dunno wat d lah yiuh, u wan know u kaki go search google la noh, now canggih liao everyone know how to google eh !

so, i after consider for 3 min, jalan berulang-alik for 1 min, i decided to buy (a) la cheaper geh haha ! however, i tell u nah, i actually now both also got d, pasal got fren bought itu KGV for me eh, present nuh, u know present? meaning hadiah, gift, 礼物.

i tell u i 2 nite cannot slp eh hahahahahaha slp also will laugh in dreams ! only i din hug the blue label to slp nia.. so now i show show u a bit itu KGV, aiseh !
this is itu KGV inside lo, aiseh u see got 1 cert above the bottle 1

jeng jeng this is the cert !!!! si unimas duwan give me cert nvm lo, KGV give eh haha !
then i got 1 small mini size de lui, only 200ml nia haha very cute de lo, itu packing is same la like normal just tat its' in mini size ! n sorry i no photo n i lazy to take photo to upload eh deh !

so hor, if my mom read my blog noh, i gaso she will cekik die me hahah, tapi mom i tell u seng la, only the 1st nia i bought de, the KGV n the mini blue label is present eh from my kawan hehe !

so ok la, warm up finish, wait for my next post bah u ppl.

adios amigo !

aiya noneed title liao la, not a story also !

hi, long time no see !
ok la i promise i will be back soon !
give me some times !!!
see ya !

09 September 2011

oh it's september already

aiseh its been a while since the last post..however recently i do not hav much good topic to share here too because was quite busy with my work...

anyway, got la a bit bit can share share, itu i got 1 fren, few months back he told me he might move out from his now-renting-de-house, because the owner wan to sell the hse,so i pun act busy help him find hse lo..manacai suddenly he said no move pulok mayb pasal owner no tell clear clear. so i pun ok lo no act busy liao lo, until err 2 weeks ago he told me have to move d before november, pasal confirm sell HAHAHAHAHA. so he now busy find hse d if not he no place slp geh. so pade good, ciak sugud to koh jing han !

n then i very tak boleh faham la, y in this world got such thick face ppl eh, when someone, or some organization or some group or association wish to do some charity n helps the ppl in need of help, they will come act 'in need of help'

for example la, i was fortunate to took part in a charity program, which is to distribute some err, fund or donation or help la generally, to those erm, poor ppl, elders,handicapped, n etc etc. however, there are lots of them, the shirts lagi best compare to mine, make up lui, itu gold necklace lagi besar than mine, hand de itu bracelet kling kling klang klang, also come take the donations..

i pun pening la, not tat we mind bout the money, but is erm they feel tat, " no take white no take, since got ppl give" where can like this ooh? then let say if we got RM10000, then give finish those 'not poor' ppl, then how bout those poor ppl???

no wonder la we cannot improve n get matured noh, aiseh..their attitude when receive also like ' i deserve it' hahahah !
however, when those really really in need de, receiving it, they very happy keep on thankyou thankyou banyak terima kasih very much, keep smile n hold our hands eh, itu la baru worth ma we give liao pun syok eh noh...

when la our ppl will grow up??

25 April 2011

bad days

Last week was perhaps the most unfortunate week for me, at first i received traffic summon for illegal parking during a dinner function at night, which according to my colleague will cost me RM150..the PDRM changed the amount since not long ago i guess because it used to be rm30, n maybe that's why people are not aware of it..now it's 150 n everyone is yelling around while holding the piece of paper tat clip-on-to the car's wiper hahaha !

then i received another parking compound again, failing to display the stupid parking coupon..this is the problem here at my office, parking lots are limited, plus there is a new development construction project is going on, n the lorries TOOK away few lots, not tat they place their lorries there, just because the need to work there, so they block the road from head to tail, which is ngam ngam in front of my office. hence 4-5 parking lots are wasted, due to "security n safety" ... but it's understandable la, in case the bricks or the cements or even human fall off from the top of the construction site n bang on ur car or ur head, so i !@#$%@*(^#&*%!# lohh..

but then the worst is, my car is full of bird shit, like i said in FB few days earlier, dunno is AngryBird or SillyBird or LadyBird or CuckooBird tat having agenda with me, mayb im way too handsome lah..so they sh!t on my cars..day before only i washed my car from grey back into white again n i hav to wash it again just after errr mayb 18 hours?????

n u know where i found my parking compound? on the one of the sh!ts beside my wipers. it seems like the official just stick on the sh!t so he/she noneed to move the wiper :s

so i can only drive de car to the carwash to clean it again..n just when they were about to spray the soap on my cars, GLUNG GLUNG, started to rain n it was raining cat n dog n goat n cow !!!!!
so i wasted another few bucks to treat the car washers few glasses of kopi-O in replace with my 2 dinner ....

then yesterday i went makan with my sis..i ajak them to eat because i tot i saw the promotion for 50% is on weekend, but i was wrong, only valid on saturday lah ! but nvm luckily my bro in law is a very good n kind-hearted n generous man, he duwan to take my money so i get free meal 100% off hahahaha !

so mayb it's not tat bad la my last week noh...

28 March 2011


hey readers, im back! yeah i'm kinda busy recently, n shame to tell that, i'm out of idea n inspiration as well, to work on my blog which used to bring laughters for my friends..

i guess they're missing it badly until few of them keep on 'reminding' me its been so long i never update my blog haha *proud*

well, actually nth much happen, guess it's very common for one who is having working life, its just repeating n repeating everyday..so i guess i'll share a few kinda interesting story here..

erm, 2 weeks ago, i went to Singapore for a working trip, just a day trip which was morning depart, evening return trip..so i went with a senior colleague of mine.well when we checked in at the Changi Airport for returning flight, surprisingly the AA counter crew told me sth..she said " Sir u bought this 2 tickets at the same time rite? well i wan to tell u tat, ur seats are seperate althu u bought them at once, but luckily this fligt isnt full so i'll adjust ur fren to sit with u, but u bear in mind, AA will place ur seat randomly, unless u book ur seat"
i was like " no wonder la when i bought for my parent, their seats were seperate, 1 as 5A, another 20D..this AA really is very business minded lah :s

so after tat we went around the airport, n as usual i'll stop by at Free Duty to check on some 'goods' i saw this !! n i managed to get 2, thanks to my colleague !

Johnnie Walker Double Black
only Singapore Airport selling it in the whole Asia, not even Hong Kong's (according to the shopkeeper lah)

however one already finished, i present to Tan Kim Fong as birthday present because the next day was her 24th birthday. n i surprised her by asking 988 Radio Station to call her n wish her on 0000 sharp.

so after tat, nth much happen, until yesterday, i went to One Utama Shopping Mall, to meet one of the HongKong superstar - Andy Lau.. i was suppose to have my lunch with him but he was too busy as he was here to promote one of the Osim's product, the massage chair. i went there with my fren kjh n csl. oh csl is not the Malaysia's hp brand CSL by the way. so after tat, i went Jusco did groceries with my gf..n i suddenly come mood, wan cook steak.so we bought some ingredients back home.

jeng jeng !
simple black pepper steak, with few choices of vegetables.unfortunately my bro's hse has only 1 induction cooker,meaning i cant keep all of them warm while serving on plate. but at least de steak reach our expectation, its neither too cook nor too raw haha..mayb thanks to me, watching too much cooking shows on tv/

well i'm going to do seat up n push up now, tummy is getting bigger, im getting more n more n more similar to African that are suffering from malnutrition deficiencies. i hav to work sth out before 616 for my bro's wedding !

14 February 2011

happy chinese new year

well, its been a while when i was here.first of all, Happy Chinese New Year to all of you who are celebrating it. for those who are not, well, happy everyday in this new year lah !!

CNY is always the best festival celebration among all for me. i can sit down sip a few mouth of liquors, drink a few glass of wine, or have a FEW bottles of beers. but of course the best part is sitting down talk nonsense n share the laughters with my family members especially my parents n my grandparents.

when we are all back in home, mom always likes to ask grandma to sit down with us on the dining table after she had her meal. mom will always " come come sit here look us eat talk with us" because my grandma likes to see her grandchildren around. she smiles while watching us eat =)

my mom very pity la, from the 1st day i reached home, she already said ' wei u n i got alot of indian account not yet settle nih !" but until now i haven pay her HAHAHAHA because i got no enough time to sit down with her lah !!! either is she busy with cooking, or i busy with outing :s so nvm la i'll just bank in to her as usual.

the only thing is i don have much time with my dad.when i was in sch, i used to go to shop, lend him my eyes to look after his shop haha..n talk everything with him,bout studies, bout politics, bout peoples, bout his business, etc. there was once, my bro in law he was so shocked when my sis was asking me " eh u got ask papa buy xxx company's share onot? " because im not those tat looks like will talk bout those serious matters with my dad, but i actually like it, my dad also quite enjoy talking to me..i guess la because his son is so knowledgeable n wise n clever n intelligent n alert with all those issues hahahah

i get to meet my frens too, both from overseas, n overstates...looks like everyone is doing pretty good which is very good to hear that =)

oh today is 14th of FEB, OMG i'm not around in home with her :s very sorry to YOU.
without me, i dun think she will 'happy valentine' nih aiseh aiseh !

anyway, wish u all the best throughout this year !
bye bye

13 December 2010


time, sometimes in something it is very essential, lack of time might lead to lack of preparation to organize activities n directly lead to dissatisfaction, lack of time makes things undone..

but sometimes, time doesnt matter if it is long or short, for example, a highly efficient worker might finish off his duty earlier before the due date he was given..

human can change in short time, such as days, or month, yearsssss is not necessary. good fren can become enemy within hours over a small matter, enemies can become frens too as long they r not having conflict anymore..

human can get bored of something quickly even before expectation.is like a kid when he has a new toy, tend to put down the old one.

this is human, there are various types of personalities among humans in this world, unexpected stuff might happen beyond ur expectation anytime, anywhere.

however, this is y human is unique from each other.